In Greek mythology, Eros is the primordial god of lust, beauty, love and intercourse. Eros is also worshipped as a fertility deity. In roman myths Eros roman counterpart is Cupid or Amor (love). He is also regarded as the protector of gay love between men. There are many phases of Eros that describe him. At first he was said to have taken part at the creation of the World out of Chaos. In another phase Eros is the mere god of love, son of Aphrodite and Zeus, or Ares, or even son of the god Uranus. Eros was sometimes seen as representing a force that sorted the shapless mass of the world, with all it's conflicting emotions and elements, into harmony, dispelling the confusion and uniting jarring forces. In latter phase, he is seen has a deity that sways the hearts of both gods and of men.