Lamia is a vampire in greek mythology who was said to steal little children in order to drink their blood. The legend of Lamia is that she was once the queen or princess of Libyan when she falls in love with the god Zeus and out of jealousy Zeus's wife Hera deforms Lamia into a snake-like monster with a feamale head and breats. Lamia is mostly referred to as female, but sometime as male or as a hermaphrodite. Hera also murdered the offspring that Zeus fathered with Lamia and made it so Lamia was unable to shut her eyes closed making it impossible to find peace from the images of her dead children. Zeus then, taking pity on Lamia made it so thst she could remove her eyes and put them back in. Now this way she could rest from her misfortune even though she always remained sleepless. Her envy of other mothers is what drove her to steal their children from them and devour them.