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Zeus: The God of The Sky

In mythology, Zeus is known for many things. Some things show him in a brighter light and some show him in a darker one. The biggest of his moral flaws are the many affairs he has been known to have with countless women. The biggest triumphs are being one of the few chilidren of Cronus's that escaped Cronus's deadly grip. Zeus is the ruler the Olympians, whos wife the Goddess Hera rules by his side. His position as the ruler of the Olympians was a poistion fought for. His victory in the many draws against his brothers Posideon, the God of the Sea and Hades, the Lord of the Underworld won him the position of the supreme ruler of the gods, the god of gods. In his most brightest light is known as the defender of those that are weak and the punisher of those that are wicked.